Beach Health Clinic Eligibility


Based on medical needs and availability of physician(s).

To be considered or remain a patient at the Beach Health Clinic, the following information must be provided prior to or on your next visit. If this information is not provided, you will be considered non-compliant and ruled ineligible for future services at the Beach Health Clinic.

Cathy and Rosemary



We ask that you present any letter, bill or statement showing your name and current address.

C.  PROOF OF HOUSEHOLD INCOME:  (include spouse)

The following are acceptable as income verification:

  • Copies of recent, consecutive pay-stubs (equivalent of 1 month of work) or a letter from your employer verifying wages, ledgers or contract agreements.
  • Bank account statement(s)
  • Records of tips, bonuses, commissions.
  • Award letters or notices for Social Security (SSI, Survivors Benefits, Disability)
  • Unemployment, Alimony, Child Support, Retirement, Pension, Food Stamps

D.  W-2 FORM(S) and FEDERAL TAX RETURN (ie. FORM 1040, 1099).

All patients are required to furnish an IRS transcript. Regarding homeless patients please see Executive Director.

The Beach Health Clinic is able to treat patients because of donated time, talent, resources and services. It is extremely important that we are confident that the people being served are those for whom the services are intended. Please know that with any false or withheld information, that services will be discontinued and patients will be responsible for bills incurred while enrolled in the clinic. For any questions or inquiries, please call the office at 428-5601.


PRESCREENING:   Tuesday – Friday  10:00AM TIL 11:30AM